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WonderMASK PX Peelable Solder Mask 快干型焊接遮蔽胶


WonderMASK® PX is a temporary, peelable, latex solder mask designed to dry in half the time of standard peelable solder masks. It is hand applied and can withstand fluxing, wave soldering and cleaning operations. It effectively masks and protects open through-holes and underside components in a wave soldering process, and can be used as a conformal coatings mask.

WonderMASK PX can remain on all areas of the board until ready for test, and then, be easily peeled away. In addition, WonderMASK PX is ideally suited for situations where a thick coat of mask is required. WonderMASK PX has been specially formulated to cure homogenously, virtually eliminating any limit on the deposition thickness.

WonderMASK PX is not recommended for use on bare copper as it contains a sufficient concentration of ammonia to cause discoloration. For use on bare copper, WonderMASK P (part # 2211) is recommended.

Specifications: Meets MIL-STD-2000 paragraph 5.3.18 parts a, b, and d.

  • Fastest full cure
  • Ideal for situations where a thick coat of mask is required
  • Easily peelable
  • Highest strength to avoid breakage
  • Nonflammable


WonderMASK® PX 是临时的,可剥离的,乳胶型阻焊膜,固化时间仅为其他阻焊胶膜的一半。它是手动操作,耐焊,波峰焊接,清洗操作。它有效地掩盖和保护开放通孔和底面组件在波峰焊接过程中,并且可以用作防护性覆型涂料。

WonderMASK PX 可涂覆在板的所有区域,直到测试前,撕掉即可。另外,WonderMASK PX 也适合于涂覆较厚涂层。WonderMASK PX 配方特别设计,均匀固化。

WonderMASK PX 不建议直接涂覆在纯铜表面,因为含有氨基可导致其变色。WonderMASK PL (part # 2211) 适用于纯铜。


  • 固化速率最快
  • 适合于厚阻焊胶应用
  • 易剥离
  • 强韧性,避免断裂
  • 非易燃
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Name Size Units Per Case
2222-8SQ WonderMASK PX - 8oz CN 8 oz (227g) 24