Temperary Solder Mask 焊接遮蔽胶

Temperary Solder Mask 焊接遮蔽胶

Techspray's WonderMASK is the industry leading temporary solder mask brand because of quality and versatility. Depending on the product, mask can be peeled off manually, or washed off in a batch or inline system.

All Techspray WonderMASK products have the following advantages:

  • Can be cured in pre-heat
  • Withstands lead-free soldering temperatures up to 640°F (343°C) in wave soldering process
  • RoHS compliant


所有Techspray WonderMASK焊接遮蔽胶产品具有以下优点:

  • 可以在预热中固化
  • 在波峰焊工艺中,可承受高达640°F(343°C)的无铅焊接温度
  • 符合RoHS标准
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WonderMASK P Peelable Solder Mask 无氨焊接遮蔽胶

Non-ammoniated, low odor peelable mask 无氨,低气味的可剥离焊接遮蔽胶

WonderMASK PX Peelable Solder Mask 快干型焊接遮蔽胶

Natural latex peelable solder mask with fastest cure time 可剥离的焊接遮蔽胶,固化速率最快

WonderMASK W Washable Solder Mask 快干可水洗型焊接遮蔽胶

Nonflammable, water-washable 不可燃,可水洗

WonderMASK WSOL Washable Solder Mask 水过滤型焊接遮蔽胶

Water-washable mask, safe on ion beds and filters 可水洗,不污染离子床和过滤器

Techform TC-533 Peelable Solder Mask 耐高温型焊接遮蔽胶

Natural latex rubber, high-temperature 天然胶乳,耐高温