Techspray Renew

Techspray Renew

Techspray Renew branded cleaners are innovative solutions that combine the best of current "green" technologies to make the most powerful green cleaners on the market. Techspray Renew products are designed through close coordination with end-users, ensuring that first and foremost, the products have superior performance.


Cotton Wiper

Class 100 hydroentagled wipe made of US-grown cotton - This hydroentangled cotton wipe has high absorbency with extra low particulate and chemical extractables. Recommended for ISO 14644­1 Class 5 (US FED STD 209E Class 100) or higher cleanrooms. Ideal for stencil cleaning.

Delicate Task Wipes

100% recycled wipe and box

Flux Removers 助焊剂清洗剂

Eco-dFluxer SMT202 Flux Remover 助焊剂清洁剂

Green flux remover without nitrogen and phosphorous 无磷无氮型环保助焊剂清洗剂

Eco-dFluxer SMT203 Flux Remover 助焊剂清洁剂

Neutral PH flux remover, no corrosion on sensitive metal 中性助焊剂清洗剂,适用于敏感金属

Eco-dFluxer SMT100 Flux Remover 助焊剂清洗剂

Inline & batch water-based flux remover 适用于 在线式清洗和批量式清洗的水性型助焊剂清洗剂

SMT Cleaners | SMT 清洗剂

Eco-Stencil UM

Manual & Under Stencil Cleaner 适用于手动清洁和钢网底部清洁

Eco-Stencil RF Batch Stencil Cleaner 批量钢网清洗剂

Rinse-free, nonflammable stencil cleaner for batch systems 适用于批量式清洗 免漂洗、不可燃的钢网清洁剂

Eco-Stencil AQ Batch Stencil Cleaner 批量钢网清洗剂

Eco-friendly, nonflammable stencil cleaner for batch systems 适用于批量式清洗 环保型、不可燃的钢网清洁剂

Eco-Oven Cleaner 环保型烘道清洗剂

Reflow oven, wave finger & pallet cleaner 适用于回流焊,波峰焊和焊接夹具的清洁剂

Industrial Cleaners 工业清洁剂

Pine-Shower Degreaser & Surface Cleaner 脱脂剂及表面清洁剂

Eco-friendly & non-flammable concentrated degreaser 环保、非易燃浓缩型脱脂剂

Eco-Shower Degreaser & Surface Cleaner 脱脂剂和表面清洁剂

Eco-friendly & non-flammable concentrated degreaser 环保型和非易燃的浓缩型脱脂剂

Eco-Shine Glass & Surface Cleaner 玻璃和表面清洁剂

Eco-friendly, nonflammable & streak-free glass cleaner 环保、非易燃、无痕型玻璃清洁剂