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Techform TC-533 Peelable Solder Mask 耐高温型焊接遮蔽胶


Kester peelable mask is a high-temperature flexible solder masking compound specially formulated of natural latex rubber. Prevent solder from flowing into contacts, terminals, screw heads and plated through holes.

Latex has been chemically enhanced so that it is heat stable enough for wave soldering processes. Effectively mask and protect the board from the time it is manufactured, through all assembly and reflow operations.
NOTE: Not recommended on bare copper because ammonia may cause discoloration.
  • Fast cure
  • Easily peelable
  • Will not tarnish gold or phosphor bronze
  • Protects delicate components
  • Nonflammable


Kester TC533为一款柔性的耐高温阻焊胶,配方为天然乳胶橡胶。Kester TC533 可防护焊接过程中焊接孔、螺丝孔。

该款乳胶橡胶通过化学改性,增强于线路板之间的结合力以及可以在波峰焊接中保持稳定。Kester TC533涂覆后,在PCB组装过程中能有效保护线路板。


  • 快速固化
  • 易剥离
  • 不会玷污金或磷青铜
  • 用来防护复杂元器件
  • 非易燃
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Name Size Units Per Case
53-4003-0533 TC533 Techform - 1 gal CN 1 gal (3.8L) 1