SMT Cleaners SMT清洁剂

SMT Cleaners SMT清洁剂

Thoroughly cleaning SMT (surface mount technology) stencils, tools and equipment is an important way to reduce misprints and increase throughput. Techspray SMT stencil cleaners are designed for rigorous production requirements.

Techspray offers a wide variety of stencil cleaners that are effective on solder paste and adhesives. Under the Techspray Renew brand, eco-friendly water-based formulas are available for hand wipes, understencil cleaning and batch cleaning. For low cost, effective cleaning, a full line of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is available.

Regular oven cleaning and maintenance is also an important way to ensure product quality and process repeatability. Techspray offers an eco-friendly water-based oven cleaner in additional to IPA.

彻底清洁SMT(表面贴装技术)模板,工具和设备是减少误印和提高生产量的重要途径。 Techspray SMT模板清洁剂专为严格的生产要求而设计。

Techspray提供各种各样的在锡膏和粘合剂上有效的模板清洁剂。 在Techspray Renew品牌下,环保型水性配方可用于手工擦拭,水底清洗和批量清洁。 为了低成本,有效的清洁,可提供全系列的异丙醇(IPA)。

定期烘箱清洁和维护也是确保产品质量和加工重复性的重要途径。 除了“近期行动计划”之外,Techspray还提供一种环保型水性烤箱清洁剂。

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Eco-Stencil UM

Manual & Under Stencil Cleaner 手动和下模板清洁

Eco-Stencil RF Batch Stencil Cleaner 批量钢网清洁剂

Rinse-free, nonflammable stencil cleaner for batch systems 用于批量系统的无冲洗,不可燃的模板清洁剂

Eco-Stencil AQ Batch Stencil Cleaner 批量钢网清洁剂

Eco-friendly, nonflammable stencil cleaner for batch systems 用于批量系统的环保型,不可燃模板清洁剂

Eco-Oven Cleaner 生态烤箱清洁剂

Reflow oven, wave finger & pallet cleaner 回流炉,波浪手指和托盘清洁剂