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PWR-4 Flux Remover PWR-4 助焊剂清洗剂


PWR-4 Flux Remover is ideal where a safer, non-flammable, and cost effective cleaner, quickly cleans the most difficult baked-on R, RMA & no-clean fluxes from electronic assemblies. It is engineered to remain stable and effective over thousands of cycles in vapor degreasing equipment.

  • Nonflammable
  • Powerful cleaner - Effective on R, RMA & no-clean fluxes
  • Available in bulk for vapor-degreasing, ultra-sonic and immersion cleaning
  • Rapid evaporation

3401 助焊剂清洗剂是一款非易燃、清洁力强劲的清洗剂,清除线路板上的 R、RMA 以及免清洗型助焊剂。该款清洗剂在气相清洗机设备上经过数千次的测试和应用,产品清洗效率高和稳定性佳。

  • 非易燃
  • 清洗力强劲,适用于-R、RMA以及免清洗型助焊剂
  • 可用于气相脱脂、超声或浸泡清洗
  • 快速挥发
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Name Size Units Per Case
3401-5GS PWR-4 Flux Remover - 5 gal 5 gal. 1