Freeze Sprays 冷冻喷雾

Freeze Sprays 冷冻喷雾

Freeze sprays blast fast evaporating liquid that super-chills isolated areas. Used as a troubleshooting aid for intermittently faulting capacitors, resistors, semiconductors, and other defective components. They also increase visibility of cold solder joints, cracks in printed circuit boards and oxidized junctions.

冻结喷雾快速蒸发液体,超级冷却隔离区域。 用于故障电容器,电阻器,半导体和其他有缺陷的元件的故障排除。 它们还增加了冷焊接点的可见性,印刷电路板中的裂纹和氧化结。

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Freezer 冰箱

100% HFC-134a diagnostic freeze spray 100%HFC-134a诊断冷冻喷雾