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Eco-Stencil UM


Effectively removes all types of solder paste (e.g. water­based, RMA, no­clean, lead­free) and uncured adhesive from screens, misprinted boards and equipment. Completely safe on stencils, squeegees, and equipment surfaces. Ideal replacement for IPA cleaners, which are often prohibited because of safety and environmental restrictions on VOC emissions or waste disposal issues.
  • Quickly clean paste or uncured adhesive
  • Safe for stencils, tools, misprinted boards
  • Nonflammable
  • Low VOC, zero GWP
  • Non-ozone depleting
  • Compatible with DEK Nano-ProTek coating


  • Manual stencil tool, work surface, and squeegee cleaning
  • Automatic underside wipe stencil cleaning
  • Batch ultrasonic cleaning
  • Removes unsoldered leaded & lead-free solder pastes
  • Cleans off uncured adhesives


  • 快速清除焊锡膏或未固化的粘合剂
  • 对模具,工具,误印版无任何腐蚀性
  • 非易燃
  • 低VOC,零GWP
  • 无臭氧消耗
  • 兼容DEK Nano-ProTek涂层

  • 手动钢网清洁工具,工作表面和刮刀清洁
  • 钢网底部的自动擦拭清洁
  • 批量式超声波清洗
  • 去除未焊接的含铅和无铅焊膏
  • 清洁未固化的残胶
Packaging Order minimum case quantity only. Extra shipping fees may apply.
Name Size Units Per Case
1570-G Eco-Stencil UM - 1 gal CN 1 gal (3.8L) 1
1570-GX10 Eco-Stencil UM Cleaner Concentrate CN 1 gal (makes 10 gal) 1