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Eco-dFluxer SMT202 Flux Remover 助焊剂清洁剂


Eco-dFluxer SMT202 is a water-based cleaner designed for in-line and spray-in-air cleaning equipments. Eco-dFluxer SMT202 is an environmental friendly aqueous cleaner formulated without nitrogen and phosphorous and great cleaning power. Eco-dFluxer SMT202 provides an economical, yet powerful cleaning solution. This water-based cleaner uses the latest in environmentally friendly surfactants to break down solder paste, flux (e.g. Water-Based, RMA, No-Clean, Lead & Lead-Free & new Halide-Free fluxes) and adhesives. Eco-dFluxer SMT202 has high compatibility with common PCB metals and plastics and works with current filtration methods, providing a long bath life and minimized disposal cost. Concentrated formula saves shipping and storage cost.
  • Without nitrogen and phosphorus
  • Effectively clean wide varieties of reflowed flux residues and contaminants
  • Effective on all flux types: lead, lead-free, aqueous, RMA & no-clean
  • High compatibility with common PCB metals & plastics
  • Compatible with PC boards & cleaning equipment
  • Halide-free — prevents ionic contamination


Eco-dFluxer SMT202是一种水基清洁剂,设计应用于在线喷淋式以及超声清洗设备。Eco-dFluxer SMT202是一款环境友好型水基清洗剂,不含氮磷元素,并且是一款清洗功能强劲的清洗剂。这种水基清洗剂采用最新的环保型表面活性剂分解焊锡膏,助焊剂(例如水性,RMA,免清洗,铅及无铅和新的无卤化物助焊剂)和粘合剂。Eco-dFluxer SMT202具有与普通PCB金属和塑料的高兼容性,与目前的过滤方法的工作原理,可用于延长清洗槽寿命,降低废水处理成本。浓缩配方,节省成本的运输和储存。

  • 不含氮、磷元素
  • 有效清除助焊剂残留和污染
  • 适用于各种类型助焊剂:含铅、无铅、水溶型、RMA和免洗型
  • 与PCB金属和塑料兼容型好
  • 与PC板和清洗设备兼容好
  • 无卤—防止离子污染
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Name Size Units Per Case
51202-5G Eco-dFluxer SMT202 - 5 gal 5 gal (19L) 1