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Eco-dFluxer SMT100 Flux Remover 助焊剂清洗剂

1550 CN

Eco-dFluxer SMT100 is a water-based, environmentally friendly cleaner that is designed to work in both inline and batch cleaning equipment. An optimal combination of solvents and saponifiers lowers surface tension for penetration under low stand-off s, and powerful cleaning action to remove all flux residues.
Effective on a wide variety of solders and fluxes: lead, lead-free, aqueous, RMA, no-clean, and new halide-free fluxes. High compatibility with common PCB metals & plastics. Eco-dFluxer SMT100 is highly filterable with long bath life. Moderate pH avoids many disposal issues.
High performance cleaning gives you brilliant solder joints and allows you to increase dilution, increase line speeds, reduce waste water, decrease cost per board, and most importantly… eliminate field failures due to ionic contamination!
  • Effective on a wide variety of solders and fluxes
  • Nonflammable
  • Ultra rinsable
  • High compatibility with common PCB metals & plastics
  • Highly concentrated 10%-20% dilution
  • Low VOC, zero GWP
  • Non-ozone depleting
  • Halide-Free




  • 适用与各种焊锡膏和助焊剂
  • 非易燃
  • 易漂洗  
  • 与普通PCB金属和塑料兼容性高
  • 高浓缩型–建议稀释比例为10%~20%
  • 可挥发性有机物低零GWP
  • 无臭氧消耗
  • 无卤化物
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Name Size Units Per Case
1550-5G Eco-dFluxer SMT100 - 5 gal CN 5 gal (19L) 1