Dusters 掸子

Dusters 掸子

Techspray dusters (commonly called "canned air", "compressed air", and "dusting gas") blow away dust, microscopic contaminants, lint, metallic oxide deposits and other soils that can damage sensitive electronics. When these contaminants get in the way of vents or fans within the device, they create a build up which leads to overheating and/or shortages. 

Techspray dusters do not contain additives that can contaminate sensitive electronics. Retail dusters generally have bitterant added to prevent huffing. This same bitterant can lead to unwanted and potentially harmful residues that can build up over time.

Choose the duster propellant that best meets your needs:

  • HFC-134a – Most common for industrial applications because it is nonflammable. Intended for cleaning energized circuits.
  • HFC-152a – Most commonly available duster in consumer retail because it is less expensive than HFC-134a. It is flammable, and will ignite when concentrated (i.e. in liquid form) and exposed to a spark or flame. 1/10th the global warming potential (GWP) of HFC-134a.




  • HFC-134a - 工业应用最普遍,因为它是不可燃的。用于清洁带电电路。
  • HFC-152a - 消费者零售中最常用的除尘器,因为它比HFC-134a便宜。它是易燃的,并且当浓缩(即液体形式)时会点燃并暴露于火花或火焰。 HFC-134a的全球变暖潜能值(GWP)的1/10。
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Duster 掸

Nonflammable, 100% HFC-134a duster 不燃,100%HFC-134a除尘器

Economy Duster 经济型除尘器

Economical HFC-152a duster 经济型HFC-152a除尘器