Desoldering Braid 脱焊编织

Desoldering Braid 脱焊编织

Desoldering braid (wick) is pre-fluxed copper braid that is used to remove solder, which allows components to be replaced and excess solder to be removed.

Techspray wick is available in static dissipative bobbins (except where indicated) for static sensitive environments.

Techspray No-Clean desolder braid's wick is coated with proprietary flux that only leaves a slight clear residue, which does not cause service issues. Cleaning after using Techspray No-Clean wick is strictly optional.

Specifications: Meets or Exceeds MIL-F-14256; NASA NHB 5300, 4 (34-1); NASA NPC 200-4; NASA SP5002; 1821:HP 8690-0588; 1823: HP 8690-0577; IPC Standard-J-STD-004



Techspray No-Clean脱色辫子的灯芯涂有专有的助焊剂,只留下轻微的残留物,不会造成维修问题。 使用Techspray No-Clean芯线后的清洁是严格可选的。

规格:符合或超出MIL-F-14256; NASA NHB 5300,4(34-1); 美国宇航局NPC 200-4; NASA SP5002; 1821:HP 8690-0588; 1823:HP 8690-0577; IPC标准-J-STD-004

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No-Clean Desoldering Braid 无尘清洁辫子

No-clean flux coated braid, cleanest in the industry! 洁净焊剂涂层编织,行业内最干净!

Pro Wick Desoldering Braid 脱焊辫子

Rosin coated braid for fast wicking action 松香涂层辫子快速芯吸动作

Unfluxed Desoldering Braid 无源脱焊辫子

Use your own flux, ideal for aqueous process 使用自己的助焊剂,适用于含水过程