Aviation Cleaning

Aviation Cleaning

Techspray has long been known for high precision solvent cleaning, ideal for aircraft hangar degreasing, defluxing, and contact cleaning. PWR-4 Aviation Degreaser, G3 Blue Shower Maintenance Cleaner and G3 Contact Cleaner are both approved under Boeing spec D6-17487 rev. P for paint softening, hydrogen embrittlement, stress crazing and other aviation specific requirements. Aviation Degreaser II qualifies under NESHAP VOC requirements 63.741-753.

Industrial Cleaners 工业清洁剂

G3 Blue Shower Maintenance Cleaner 维护清洁剂

Nonflammable, powerful cleaner 清洗力超强的非易燃型清洁剂

G3 Contact Cleaner 触点清洁剂

Nonflammable, powerful contact cleaner 清洗力超强的非易燃型触点清洁剂